Thursday, 4 February 2016


The HD3QBEM and I have both been to the podiatrist.   She goes every 6 weeks as she can't see her toes now and I'm not confident to cut those, although I do her fingernails.   I go only when painful corns make it absolutely necessary as,  not yet being an old age pensioner, there are no reduced rates for me.
But we both have beautiful feet tonight.   At least they feel beautiful although they don't look it!!
And the thimblepod is stitched together and now awaits the twisted cord for final completion.
And the bottom showing one three way corner.   These corners  were rather a mission to hold while stitching.
Well I'm off to twist threads!   Do you think this looks too large for a thimble?   I promise a comparative photo tomorrow:-)


  1. Your thimble pod looks amazing, such clever construction. The feet made me smile, I work daily with podiatrists and patients do love to have their feet taken care of.

  2. Your thimble pod is so very neat! Love the construction. The stitching is quite lovely too. (I'm not commenting on feet!)