Saturday, 6 February 2016

Comfort stitching

Having completed both the basket and the thimblepod I am allowed to part company with the little crosses and indulge in some comfort stitching/
My next project is going to be a hardanger runner for my coffee table. So tonight I stitched the kloster blocks on a sample motif.   This I will make into a notebook cover (the spiral backed sort of notebook not the computer version) but first I wanted to check the size etc - rather like kntting a swatch to measure gauge I suppose.  
This will be satisfactory and on Monday ( public holiday here) I will make a trip to The Ribbon Rose to get the necessary DMC perle thread.   The fabric is a 28 count evenweave - Jobelan I think -  from stash and is actually a pretty greenish shade rather like DMC 522.   I don't really like stitching on anything but linen but this fabric is stable and really suitable for the runner I have in mind.
Today has been wet and hot so indoor jobs are all done and my stash cupboard has been cleaned and tidied.  
I even managed to finish my book - the latest Val McDermid.   Now I am off to bed with the latest Peter May.   Both of these were ordered from my local library and I had a long wait as they were very popular.  Other readers will be waiting so I cannot renew and must finish by the due date.   So off to bed I go:-)


  1. Your comment about comfort stitching is comical to me - I would find this the opposite of relaxing. I'm going to try to get back to the little crosses soon as I've ordered a cabinet from the States and it requires a stitched front. You've perhaps seen it - it's by Lone Elm Lane. It's a birthday gift for a milestone birthday that begins with a 6.

  2. It's so beautiful
    Happy Saturday x

  3. Oh, this is so lovely. I wish I were brave enough to attempt hardanger.

  4. Beautiful. I've never tried hardanger, but I do like it.

  5. Pretty stitching, although I, too, prefer my little crosses! Enjoy your reading.