Monday, 22 February 2016

And we are underway

The florentine stitch bag is on its way to becoming a  reality and as I am using six threads of floss this will certainly use up the leftovers.
For someone like myself, challenged in the colour and design field this is a relaxing and stress free way to stitch.   Nothing needs to match exactly and counting up to four is the only mathematical challenge.   The next wave will be golds to browns I think.  
Just as well after a hard day at the office.   But now I am caught 'up to date' on what is actually a Guild project so this will go back into the bag until next month.
Last night I recorded the episode of Elementary so I'm off to watch that now.


  1. This will be stunning I would be tempted to continue working on it!

  2. How beautiful. Is the bag your own design?

  3. This looks great. Once the first row is in place it's simple to keep going!

  4. I like your start, it looks good already.

  5. Oh, Margaret, I have to laugh. I've just started a Florentine stitch project and I miscounted, badly. :( In my defense, it was a misunderstand with regards to whether I needed to count threads or holes for positioning, but still. I'm back on track now though.

  6. The colours are so pretty, I am really looking forward to seeing this grow :)