Monday, 29 February 2016

Hello Mr Big Ears

Tonight Part 2 of the Noddy Bag.

Mr Big Ears striped T shirt stretches widely over his fat tummy.   His blue jacket certainly doesn't do up!  And what sort of stylist puts the nautical upper half with green and yellow striped trousers?
Present day illustrators of childrens books would never think of this colour scheme.   Or would they?

I'm off to enjoy a date with Anthony Horowitz and Trigger Mortis.   My request for this book from the local library has been a long wait,  but today I came to the top of the list and have two weeks to read and return.

Good night.


  1. Loving that other little figure - do you have a set Margaret?
    My husband is currently reading the same book on his Kindle - I think he's enjoying it.

  2. Cute stitching. Love your Mr. Big Ears magnet...or whatever it is. It's adorable

  3. Big Ears seems to be growing rather quicker than Noddy! Even with his big tummy. I don't think children's characters are known for their sartorial elegance as a rule!