Friday, 26 February 2016

As hard as diamonds...?

Today has been a hard hard day.  
A power cut over night cut off the CCTV security cameras at work on the very day when visiting offenders decided to play up!
The same power cut caused a fuse to blow in the air conditioning control panel, so the temperature got hot and the tempers hotter still.
A roof top water tank linked to said malfunctioning air conditioner leaked and the sky fell in.   Well to be honest, it was actually ceiling tiles which turned to mush and collapsed downward.
Eventually the water found its desired home in another circuit board and turned off half the computers and the telephone system.
But, did we go home?   No way.   Our client base never sleep or become inactive and thus neither shall The Department.
So what can I say?   Thank the Lord I was wearing cotton and not man made fibres!  I am quite sure Pollyanna would not have been so selfish as I was in inwardly thanking the Lord that it was not my computer that was affected.   I managed to leave my desk clean, all necessary tasks done and an empty To Do List for Monday while still getting out the door at 5pm.   Not bad?!
Anyway, I am in no mood for Noddy tonight so made a refrigerator cake, set the fruit mixture to steep in tea so I can bake a fruit loaf for the HD3QBEM tomorrow morning, and started another diamond.   Hardanger is guaranteed to ease my stress.


  1. Happy stitching and enjoy your weekend x

  2. Wow! Sounds like a crazy day! Lovely progress on your hardanger. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  3. What a nightmare day! Bet you are glad it's all over.
    I do love that hardanger is your stress reliever when so many people find it difficult.
    The tealoaf sounds lovely too.