Wednesday, 17 February 2016

An on going battle

The top right hand corner of my garage door has been claimed by a spider as his territory.  
Every day I grab the broom and destroy his delicate web.
Every day the spider spins the web again.  
It takes him overnight to spin a web about 60 cm in diameter.
And I tell myself every day to bring down the can of spray and get rid of him.
And every day I forget.
It is easy to forget as I never see him.  I just see his web, or feel it in my face when I forget to dodge:-)
Then this morning Mr Spider and I had a meeting.
Yes!  There he was busy spinning yet further extensions to his web.
And I didn't have the spray to hand:-)
Instead I pulled out my cell phone and took a couple of photos, thinking that tonight I would come and spray him.

Too late!   Tonight he was gone, but assuredly not forever and he left his completed web as a souvenir.


  1. I like spiders and would have to let him live there. I remember a book from when I was a child that was called Be Nice To Spiders. Maybe that was when I started liking them. (I just googled the name of the book - it is by Margaret Bloy Graham.)

  2. Oh Margaret my least favourite creatures - or at least one of many creepy crawlies.
    Do you have any poisonous spiders in New Zealand or are they limited to Australia?

  3. I HATE spiders! Good luck awaiting his return.