Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Another conversation at cross purposes today!

I was telling a colleague that I had bought myself a notebook to record the good things that happen at work and therefore to see if I could shake myself free of the negative defeated feeling that has come over me.
"Oh yes", says she.   "What model?"
Eh?   How many models of notebook are there, I think.   Croxley, Staples, Office Max, Moleskine, Paperblanks ....I think, mentally listing those I thought she might be thinking of. Then I told her that I had splurged on a fancy notebook made in the UK and that it had a cunning magnetic closure.

"Oh," says she.   "I thought you meant a notebook."
Well I did!!
I like notebooks; the proper sort with thick pages on which you can write with lovely pens, preferably fountain pens with gold nibs:-)  Yes, I like pens too!

She is young and I am old and there is a generation gap.


  1. I love my iPad and my spreadsheets for my blogging activities (copy and pasting blog addresses is so much easier!) but I still like paper and pencil for my daily note taking. In fact, the silver diary second from the right looks rather familiar! It's the one I'm using this year.

  2. LOL! I thought spiral notebook when you said it... I would call the books you have journals. I guess I'm way out of touch and way old, too!

  3. Oh Margaret, this made me smile. It's truly a sign of the times is it not?

  4. That's too cute!
    I think of a spiral-bound notebook when someones says "notebook"

  5. Ohh That's funny! :) I immedediately thought of the paper type myself, but I'm a bit of a notebook collector myself. Love the one you chose!