Saturday, 20 February 2016

A date with Jeffrey

Today has been the usual busy Choresday Saturday and with Embroiderers Guild this afternoon I had more to condense into a morning.   The only thing still on the list is to cut the HD3QBEM's fingernails so I haven't done too badly.
Item 6 on the list was to return library books and when I went they had another for me.
So between lunch and Guild, Jeffrey and I had a quick catch up.   We met again immediately I returned home, only to separate a few minutes later while I cleaned the bathroom and washed the floors.   But this was only a temporary separation and soon we were back together again.   TV One interrupted our tete a tete with The Amazing Race, the evening news and MasterChef Australia.   Advertising breaks allowed me to get the dinner and wash the dishes!   Now I am off to another session with Jeffrey!


  1. I havent read this one. Im going to the library today, (its our book club meeting)so will look out for it.

  2. Sounds like a grand evening.

  3. He writes books that make for relaxing reading - the kind I like:-)