Sunday, 7 February 2016

She can, she can't

Look at this.
Would you believe I actually like cooking and experimenting with different foods?   I do and I don't.   I do love it but I don't do it.
The HD3QBEM has digestive problems and the list of foods that cannot be eaten far outweighs the list of foods that can.   So her meals are a dietitian's nightmare as they are so nutritionally imbalanced.   We neither of us worry about that.   Is nutritional balance so vitally important at 86?
Add into the mix a hypersensitivity to Vitamin K which upsets the balance of her warfarin medication and the only applicable adjective is boring.   Tonight was teriyaki chicken, potato and carrot.   Tomorrow will be the remainder of the teriyaki chicken, potato and broccoli. That's right.  Every second night is either broccoli or silver beet and in that way I maintain her INR at levels the GP attributes to her own medical skill ;-)
However my lovely, perpetually cheerful HD3QBEM always says "Thank you dear.   That was delicious."  

PS please don't suggest cabbage or she will become an unlovely uncheerful HD3QBEM!!  That is on the can't list, I just forgot to write it down.

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