Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The construction highway

Embroiderers Guild starts again this month and I really wanted my new workbasket to take,  so foot to the pedal and voila!
Although perhaps not completely to the designers instructions, I am still very satisfied with this and intend to use it.   However I am not going to stitch the scissor fob, needle book and pincushion to match.   Already I have enough of these, so will use what I have.

The Woodland Delights piece was made into a little zipped purse.   I am definitely not totally happy with that one and while I will be using it (container for my spectacle cleaner and cloth when I travel) I plan on stitching it again in two separate pieces and trying again.

Tonight I will stitch these three pieces together and construct the thimblepod.  Looks like I need to remove the tacking thread first?!
Then and only then, will I allow myself to start a new piece.  Noddy is to be my Guild project for the year which is a cunning way of allowing myself the pleasure of choosing another piece from my stash for my "at-home" stitching.   So the hardanger books are coming out of the cupboard -  oh yeah!


  1. I love your work basket! I made a little basket with pockets several years ago and I use it all the time.

  2. I love your work basket
    Super cute x

  3. The basket looks gorgeous, you will be constantly emptying it to show the guild members!l
    The pod pieces look lovely too.