Monday, 8 February 2016

Guild Bag

Well, would you believe it?  Noddy is way too much counting to be a suitable Guild project.  I had two reverse trips last night just settling him in to the fabric.  So that's a No Go.   Even the HD3QBEM said she didn't think he'd like Guild!
So back to the thinking chair and then I remembered this.
Now, long long ago in a far off town, Grandma wanted to use up her stray embroidery threads.   The result would need to be something useful, she thought.  So she started on a piece of scrap canvas and the random result was this.
She used it well and in due course the HD3QBEM inherited it and made good use of it.  Now it is my turn for the bag but one of the handles is broken and  Margaret, Margaret quite contrary wants to make her own rather than just replace a handle.   Well wouldn't you,  if you had a bag of threads dumped on you with the comment, " you stitch so you will use these".   I have canvas, I have threads, I have time at guild, so result is guaranteed non?   Mes Amis, I will tell you that, after the last Guild meeting in December:-)


  1. This will be a great project! Can't wait to see your progress. Maybe I'll start one of my own....

  2. It's a sweet project
    Big hugs x

  3. What a lovely project. Love the bag....and all those threads! :)

  4. I love bargello and think it will be a relaxing stitch for you to tackle at guild. It's such a rhythmical thing to work on - I've done a few pieces over the years and I've always enjoyed them. What type of canvas would you use>

  5. Go for it, Margaret! I would love to have a lovely bag like that, out of beautiful colored
    thread! I don't have the knack for putting it all together...!