Monday, 15 February 2016

Hurrah For little Noddy!

Does anyone else remember the first book?

I have been thinking of my well worn, indeed practically worn out, Noddy books and wondering whatever happened to them.   With two younger siblings, they were probably passed down and fell to pieces from too much loving.
This embroidered Noddy is never going to suffer from too much loving.   The crazy designer adores half stitches and this crazy stitcher hates half stitches so we have a toxic combination:-)   However Noddy now has a hat, a bell, a bow tie and hopefully tonight he will get eyes, a nose and a mouth.


  1. Awww, i loved Noddy. My youngest daughter had a toy Noddy, don't know what happened to it. We have a DVD and my grandson enjoys watching it now too.

  2. The bell looks wonderful anyway! Sorry about the half stitches in him.

  3. I too dislike half stitches Margaret, the European designers use them a lot.
    My strongest recollection of Noddy was buying our son a Noddy car one day when he was a toddler and he threw one of those tantrums that you see in shops and everyone tut-tuts and says I know what I would do with him:-) I remind him of it now and then!!

  4. Not big on half stitches either and yours looks great