Friday, 12 February 2016

The Oxford Comma

Today's trivia is provided by a happy moment in an otherwise dour week.

"Know It All" and I were talking about the evident lack of a good background in English language we have both noticed in the young, newly-graduated staff.   
"Oh yes," we said, "education is not what it was in our day".   Then we nodded sagely at each other as only two women of a certain age can.
"And not only English," she said.  "Geography, history, and general science too".
Why yes!" I said, "Some of that age have never even heard of hanging valleys".
Silence.   Then,
"I haven't", said she. “What are they?"   And so into an explanation which would have made my geography teacher proud.
I could see "Know It All" rattling through the filing cabinet otherwise known as brain cells.   Then the light bulb moment.
"Do you know what The Oxford Comma is?" She looked triumphant.   But alas, her balloon was destined to be popped.  I do.  Ah, the bliss of victory.   

We are now good friends:-)

And I need to find another such happy moment with "Do Nothing" at work and we too, could become best friends.

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