Friday, 19 December 2008

Dandelion Clock Almost Final Report & Brainwashing Wallet Part 1

Today is the official Almost Final Report on Dandelion Clock. The stitching is complete and now I need to get this to the framers - after getting the clock fitting. Meanwhile this piece is rolled up carefully and put away in the drawer. It was such fun to stitch in DMC threads on Platinum Belfast 32 count linen. How do you like it?

Now for the saga with Wallet whom you have met before here.
Despite being made of Spanish leather and having travelled to New Zealand on Singapore Airlines, poor Wallet has no understanding of Global Economy.
Wallet says that in hard times one should keep one's hand on one's wallet - "but I don' t want your hand anywhere near me!"How sad is that!

Friend Fiona is coming from Hamilton to stay for the weekend and I invited Wallet, on my bended knee, to join us on The Great Stash Acquisiton Adventure". SHE REFUSED!
So I sat her down very firmly and enrolled her in a very brief course - Brainwashing 101.
Lesson 1: No man is an island. In hard times we all need to help each other and Wallet, you can help the good man at the LNS by assisting my stash acquisition. (Slight digression at this point when Wallet asks why we are talking Economics not Geography!)
Lesson 2: No man can serve two masters - and no wallet either! I AM de BOSS. KNOW YOUR PLACE! What's that - speak up Wallet? What do you mean you're lost? Oh I see. You mean you've lost this argument. Fine by me. See you at the LNS.


  1. Hi Margaret,

    I'm looking forward to seeing your dandelion clock framed as I never knew there was such a thing!

    Good for you on winning the argument with the Wallet. I agree with your philosophy! BTW, those are pretty funky looking shoes! :-)

  2. Dandelion clock is very pretty! I look forward to seeing it framed.

  3. Hi Margaret...thought I would come over and visit your blog after you emailed me about my tree. You have beautiful stitching!!! I'm going to put you on my bloglines so I can keep up on what you are stitching! Thanks for visiting mine.

  4. Your clock is just terrific. So very special! Just this week the financial planner and I had a little chat about economics and you were right - wallet must do its part to help the economy move forward. Those poor shop keepers need your support. Keep up the good work.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas.