Monday, 15 December 2008

HELP Please I'm going MAD

I had a bad bad weekend (not as bad as Carol though - we had sun and electric power!).

I stitched a small ..... well I can't exactly say what as its an exchange gift - and I wanted to finish it as a triangular hanging ornament thingy. Well I was a mathematics teacher so I know how to draw up accurate triangles and did that. Wonderful! Next made the back - fabric covered part. Mutter mutter - aah aah -moan moan but it got done with around 85% satisfaction.

Then the front - the embroidered part. How does one lace the linen into a triangle shape and get sharp corners not these confounded rounded ones. Louder and louder mutters, then even louder and louder mutters, then groans, then tears, etc etc You get the picture right. I'm sure you heard the sobs in Alaska as I threw the wretched thing into the rubbish. I will now stitch another and this will be finished as a square or a circle. I can do those!!

How on earth do all you clever clever people out there make triangle shaped ornaments. I know you must because The Cricket Club has a neat chart of "Kisses" all finished as blessed triangles. I have the chart, the threads, the linen, the cardboard, the pellon, the inclination BUT obviously not the skill to put the things together. Anyone out there got a tutorial for the simple minded but nearly insane Margaret???

We had our company Christmas party at a restaurant down on Auckland Wharf. Beautiful night it was too so here's a snap. See you tomorrow with a progress shot of the Dandelion clock - its one quarter finished!!

Signups still open for the Blogaversary - here.

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  1. Never tried a triangle finish myself so you'll have to let me know if you get any good advice! Such a shame it had to be scrapped, i would have cried!!