Wednesday, 17 December 2008

M M M and more M

Last night I went to hear the Messiah - this is the 153rd time that the Auckland Choral Society have sung this. It was an excellent night out.

And in the theme of M I thought I would show you some of my collection of M's. At one point I was quite obsessed about these but have since, with the help of so many blogging friends, moved on to other obsessions like Quaker, Biscornus, samplers, exchanges, stash acquisiton etc etc etc

First the Solo M. This came in a kit so the fancy printed linen was supplied as well as the threads. I remember having a terrible time with the gold thread in this one but the finished effect was worth the effort.
Next these two which were the products of long haul flights to and from Japan. Of course that was in the days when scissors and needles weren't thought to be weapons of war. I remember that the picture framer persuaded me in to an expensive framing for the bottom one - that shiny part is genuine gold leaf! But as it is only a tiny M the cost wasn't prohibitive.

And finally for today this is my Reward M. I bought this for myself as a reward for dropping 10 kilos in weight when I first joined the gym. It is handmade from New Zealand Kauri and I love it still.


  1. Wow, that's quite a collection of M's. I think you might have started a trend and makes me think I should follow your footsteps!Congratulations on dropping the weight!

  2. Very cool collection of M's...but that box really steals the show!!!

  3. About! What good collection! Bravo!