Thursday, 4 December 2008

Two reasons for the Happy Dance

Did you hear me? Last night at around 9pm? I was dancing the happy dance. My Midnight Stitching's "Quaker Faith Hope Love" was complete. This was a really satisfying stitch and I am looking forward to getting it framed and hung on the wall. I stitched it on 28 count Vintage Mocha Cashel Linen with the recommended Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. I don't remember the name of the blue one but the red was called Cranberry and its really luscious. Perhaps DMC115 may have a rival for my affections??

Speaking of rivals for affection brings me to the other reason for the happy dance. Totally unrelated to stitching. I went to see Quantum of Solace - for some reason I love James Bond movies - I scrunch my eyes during the shootouts, gasp during the car chase, ooh and aah as the baddies get their dues, oh la la at Bond (how could M be so harsh - doesn't she just melt inside?). Fortunately my pacemaker has an accelerometer and it sure speeds up as I mentally tick off the list to make sure they include all the classic Bond ingredients :-)
I have another finish tonight and tomorrow (watch for the pictures) and then I've promised myself a new start in the weekend. Have a good day everybody.


  1. Lovely stitching, Margaret. The colours look scrumptious (but maybe not as good as Bond!). Looking forward to your next finish.

  2. I'm a big fan of JB too, Margaret! =)I do miss Pierce and Sean,... that Craig guy,mmm... I don't think he suits the thing. But did enjoy Quantum of Solace and share your "oooh´s" and "aaah´s" and "oh la la´s". Hehehehehe.
    Great finishings! Well done!

  3. Great finish! I need to look for a frame for mine but Christmas stitching has got in the way!