Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Dandelion Clock Progress Report #2

Good progress on the Dandelion Clock. I finished the bottom left corner. Progress has been faster than I thought but the rush of Christmas preparations is on now so less stitching time!!

The other three quarters are not so interesting as they are only "tufts" and numbers but of course have to be placed accurately which entails lots of tacking and checking!

Yesterday I bought a notebook and made a list - in order of 'must be done' - of all the stitching promises I have made so far. There are four "musts" that I need to do before shoulder surgery on January 21. Far from being depressing this has been a great exercise and I am energised and organised - which is of course good.

Tonight Mother and I are going to the Auckland Choral Society annual production of Handel's Messiah. We go every year and thoroughly enjoy it. Will report tomorrow!

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  1. Dandelions turn out very beautiful! I congratulate on notebook purchase!