Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Some more stash!

Last night I stitched Love and made a good start on Faith - Hope is already done and so I expect to have a photo to show soon. I am enjoying this stitch and the beautiful threads. I'm doing it in the recommended Sampler Threads on a piece of Vintage Mocha Cashel Linen. I got the pattern here - it is Quaker Faith Hope and Love by Midnight Stitching. Watch out for the photo.

In the New Year I will get this and several others to the framer.

And then yesterday a package arrived which delighted me and at the same time increased the stress of an already bulging "must do" pile. Don't you think these are wonderful?

They are from Giulia Manfredini and must say I think having matching beads and buttons for these biscornu is a fantastic idea. I'm looking forward to stitching them. Giulia was so helpful when I emailed her as my LNS didn't have these (they had never heard of her!!!) so this time I had to eat humble pie and purchase from across the Tasman. Trust the Australians to have what NZ doesn't!!


  1. Lovely stash!
    Can't wait to see your Quaker Faith Hope and Love - Yuko and I did this as a SAL and it stitches up really quick!

  2. Margaret your kit from Giulia Manfredini is fantastic!!!! beads and buttons is very beautiful in these kits

  3. brill stash they look great and cant wait to see them done and i would also like to say thankyou for tagging me i like doing things like these.. its cool and we get to know each other a little better love reading your blog keep up the good work

  4. Margaret, these charts and buttons from Giulia Manfredini are gorgeous. I have been lusting over them for some time. You said that you purchased them here in Australia. May I ask where you purchased them from?