Friday, 12 December 2008

Message from my busy mailman

"Margaret", he said. "How come you get so many presents? I only came to your house a few days ago and before that I have left several CTC (Call to collect) cards. What do I have to do to get gifts like you?"

"Ah ha", Mr Mailman says I. "You need to learn to stitch and you need to learn to blog and you need to meet all the wonderful people I've met."

"You've met all these people? " Mr Mailman sounded a little disbelieving.

"Well, not exactly met" I had to confess.

"Then how come they send you gifts?" he asked

"That's because the are all GSASB (Generous Spirited Amazing Stitching Bloggers)" I explained and quickly took my package.

Well, to be honest little in the above is true except for the GSASB part. Yesterday a surprise package from Carol on the Crazy Exchange arrived. Carol has to be one of the top 10 GSASB people! She made me an absolutely exquisite Christmas Ornament that quickly found a home right at the front of my Christmas Tree so I can enjoy it. Isn't it really neat? And there is a cute little star button right in the top. I love it.
Included in the package (but not the photo) was a cute Christmas Card and a Prairie Schooler card chart of Santa. Many many thanks Carol. It was a wonderful surprise!

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  1. That is a darling ornament!!! Enjoy all of your lovely mail :)

  2. You are so very welcome Margaret - it was my pleasure ;-)