Wednesday, 10 December 2008

This Christmas piece is a Lynne Nicoletti design and I just love it. 'Robin Redbreasts' have been a favourite since childhood - possibly the influence of all the picture books as we don't have any in New Zealand. This was originally stitched to give away but I couldn't part with him!

Yesterday I got a postcard from Taija (on the Crazy Exchange) - she and her husband had been away for a short holiday to Tuuri pictured on the card. Can you see the stamp I have superimposed on the top left? Its amazing. A "movable skier" - as you tilt the stamp back and forward the skier slaloms left and right!

Have a great day everyone.


  1. I can see why you couldn't part with that cute robin! Lovely mail art!!!

  2. Hi Margaret! Now I can leave comments in bloggers pages too! But I used my vuodatus-blog anyway... Big hug for you!

  3. Your robin is adorable!! I love birds- my favorite happens to be the black capped chickadee. There is a park in my city where you can walk the trails and feed the chickadees out of your hand!! It's very thrilling.

    I, too, received a pair of scissors like yours from Angel Staci and I tell you I LOVE them!! They are amazing scissors! I'm sure you will love them!