Monday, 8 December 2008

A New Start

O happy day! I made a start on my Dandelion Clock. A couple of years ago I stitched one for a wedding gift and was so reluctant to part with it that this one is staying in my house! The hardest part is getting the tufts of dandelion that denote the numbers accurately placed so there will be a far number of tacking stitches to make sure!

Happy day everyone!


  1. Hi Margeret

    Nice to see another Kiwi who enjoys Quaker, I love it too. And if you ever want to SAL with any Quaker designs, happy to be your partner. I have the Midnight Stitching one you have in my stash too.

    Adored the Chooky you sent to Wendy Jo (she's a stitching sister of mine too) and wonder where you got the chart from as I would just love to stitch it too.

    Many thanks,

  2. Kath
    Thanks for your comments
    The Chook is actually Twisted Oaks Design Coq Au Pin and I bought it online from
    Its a really great stitch
    Hope you come back to read this reply as I can't find an email on your profile

  3. The clock is going to be very lovely, looking forward to WIPs.

  4. This looks a great new start. I look forward to seeing the end result!