Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Twin Angels

I managed to sneak in these purchases too when I was at the LNS last weekend. For many years my LNS has had an annual "beaded angel" kit. The first photo is the angel for 2007 - I missed out on the kit but was able to purchase this one completed - she's lovely and sparkly. I think she's charming and such a beautiful garnet red. Next is the 2008 kit - well it was a kit. I came home and made her up straight away. Isn't she cute. Angel 2008 and I will become quite fond of each other I think!


  1. I like collecting angels myself. These two are very pretty! (I see you and Wallet had a compromise the other day.)

    Merry Christmas Margaret! Looking forward to seeing more 'M's in 2009!

  2. OMG...that is so very pretty.

    Merry Christmas Margaret

  3. I love the first angel the best...

    Gill in Canada