Thursday, 30 June 2016

And the Christmas Puppy has a hat

Thank you to those who agreed that a puppy wearing Rugby Club colours is hardly in the Yuletide spirit.   I replaced the gold with a Winter White and lo and behold....
If I hadn't promised the HD3QBEM a day out on Saturday I might have got these ornaments finish-finished.   But Christmas is still six months away!
I have started knitting the last piece of the green sweater - the back -  and all is going well.   And in this process I have proved that it is not only with embroidery that I have "finish-itis"   What is that?
It is the phenomena that occurs when as you are finishing one piece of stitching you dream about what you will stitch next.   I am knitting the last piece of the sweater and I find myself dreaming about what colour and what sweater I will knit next.   Dangerous:-)   But I have almost promised myself that I will knit an almost-navy blue cardigan (possibly in exactly the same pattern) as it would go so well with my weekend wear.  And my persuasive logic tells me that I would get lots of wear from it when I am retired.   Only 39 months and 26 days to go until R day.