Monday, 6 June 2016

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Queen's Birthday holiday today and I celebrated by cleaning the house thoroughly, making a new ironing board cover, putting a new lining in an old skirt, taking the HD3QBEM for a drive to a local park where she enjoyed the last of the Autumn leaves while I went for a walk, and then making a start on the second sleeve of my knitted cardigan.   What a busy day!   No wonder I have spent the evening with an unstoppable nose bleed :-)
However,  the HD3QBEM has gone safely to sleep clutching her new hot water bottle and nestled under her new mohair blankets so I am going to attempt to finish Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama which is due back at the library.   This translation into English from Japanese has been labour intensive in its reading and only now at page 502 do I sense the multitudinous strands of plot coming together.   Only another 133 pages to go.


  1. Oh Margaret, I don't think I've got the mental stamina to read a book that takes that amount of thought.
    At the moment I can only manage "bubblegum for the mind" reading.

  2. Sounds like a great day....though the book sounds more thought-focused than I could muster after a busy day like yours.

  3. Sounds as if your day was not just busy but also satisfying.