Thursday, 2 June 2016

The roses have bloomed

Tonight I finished the last of the rosebuds but have just run out of time to complete all the eyelets.
Hardanger tassels have lots of eyelets.   I am pleased with the delicate colourings of this - just what I imagined, which is a surprise.   The floss colours are as per the chart but I used a scrap of 32 count linen from stash so wasn't certain it would look just like the picture in my mind.  Well done Margaret!

We have a long weekend as the first Monday in June is always a public holiday to celebrate the birthday of the Queen.  I have taken an extra day annual leave so won't need to go back to work until Wednesday.  


  1. Lovely work Margaret and what a good feeling - no work till the middle of next week:-)

  2. Love the delicate rosebuds!
    I hope you & your Mom had a fun and relaxing
    long holiday!
    We had Monday off here (May 30th) for Memorial Day. Many local businesses close for
    this but not so many of the larger, corporate owned. Wishing you well....

  3. Beautiful work Margaret, love the roses

  4. Beautiful work.
    This is most unfair, we don't get a day off for the Queen's Birthday!

  5. I agree with you - the colourings are lovely.