Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Preparing to mitre

I have retrieved the green hardanger runner from its box and started work on it again.  My aim this time is to complete half of it before having a break.   So tonight I planned to back stitch and satin stitch the border while watching my recorded Episode 3 of The Dunedin Study documentary.  

Alas!   Somehow my pre-setting of the recording had failed.   Doom and despondency until I remembered that I had registered for TVNZ on Demand.   So the HD3QBEM and I sat in front of the computer and watched and we both feel as if we have made technological advances :-)
Last night we tried to Skype Little Sister and although we could see her she couldn't see us.  That too was doom and despondency until I had a light bulb moment and realised that I had pushed the red button not the blue one.  Oh yes.   Of such technological insight is my life filled!   So tonight I Skyped "the husband of Little Sister" and he saw me and I saw him.  And, he laughed at my limited skill at mastering even such a simple thing as this.   He and he alone is my only Skype contact, so now I know how to work the stupid amazing technology I may call them again.
Anyway, back to the stitching.   I have tacked out in three different colours guidelines for a mitred corner - the edge of my runner - thereby ensuring mathematical precision when I come to the hem.
However before the great day of hemming arrives there are endless back stitches, multitudinous satin stitches and innumerable eyelets to finish.   This will be a long term project??


  1. This is another beautiful project and I'm glad to see that you are planning carefully to ensure everything goes well with the corners!
    I hope you master the technology as well.

  2. You are so good at Hardanger and with your meticulous planning and preparation this will be a beauty, even it it becomes a long term project.
    Good of you and your mother to tame the computer and make Skype contact enjoyable!

  3. This looks lovely. I don't think I have seen it before, but I am relatively new to your blog.