Sunday, 5 June 2016

Bookmark finished and question answered

A lot of my stitching is done to the accompaniment of British TV productions.   I cannot really say I watch them -  I'm focused on my stitching -  but I do listen.
The hardanger bookmark was completed last night to the background strains of Midsomer Murders and its requisite three murders and inheritance disputes :-)
"Heritage Hall" left a comment wanting to know who the designer of this bookmark was.  It is a 1988 chart from Linda Driskell.   Over the years I have made so many of these as gifts and still don't have one for my own Bible.  I'm not in the mood to do another immediately though!  

Taking my example from other blogs I am accumulating a pile of "still to be constructed" items and will have a Completion Day soon.   Before that I want to get my scissors, both dressmaking and hardanger, sharpened.


  1. Many thanks for the source for the
    Hardanger Cross Bookmark... Your is
    simply beautiful.. Hope I can locate
    the book... So enjoy your blog and
    adventures with HD3QBEM....


  2. Beautiful bookmark. You should really have a nice one for yourself.