Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The bête noire and the Android

Today my perception of the bête noire at the office changed when she came in from her day off to especially bring these for the hard working Administration Officers.   
She is now bête blanc :-)

Well wouldn't you agree she deserves a better moniker after such generosity?   These are a feast for the eyes and the stomach.  This week two of the AO's are away on leave and we, the remaining four are reduced to three,  as another is sick.  So it will be a long week. It is my last in this current position so I am practising my happy dance-  but only where the others won't see me!   And in case you are wondering, there were around fifty probation officers volunteering to eat the fourth cupcake!
My new role requires me to have a Departmental mobile phone and today I finally got it going.   The Department use Samsung Android and my personal phone is an Apple iPhone so I am once again functioning on the borders of my technical knowledge.   Android and I would be friends if HE actually liked my fingerprint and unlocked.   HE accepted my fingerprint willingly to register it but I am still practising the regular unlocking.  HE dings when an email arrives, HE sings when a phone call comes but HE usually refuses to unlock at first swipe.   So tonight HE came home with me for further practice.   I shall subdue HIM.
And now in an effort to lower my blood pressure and stress levels I am off to do some knitting.   Perhaps ignoring HIM will have some effect??


  1. I hope you get to grips with the new phone Margaret, I'm sure you'll do it very quickly.
    Only three days more to work there:-)

  2. Wow, those cakes look delicious, which one did you choose? I think ignoring HIM for a while will do the trick, they usually come, cap in hand, to apologise for whatever it is they have done (but can't remember doing).