Monday, 27 June 2016


This year it is local government elections in New Zealand and the Auckland City Council are busy trying to win the hearts and souls of the voters.   A perennial problem is the city transport links and 'they' now say "they" have found a partial solution.   Not just more buses but bigger buses!
So the route that goes past the end of my street now has these monsters.  
But the solution to one problem created others.  The little group of shops, affectionately known as Mt Eden Village is a conglomerate of old style shops with verandahs over the foot paths.
All the foot paths had to be widened so that the new, taller buses would not collide with the verandahs!   Next problem was the street lights.   These all had to be raised above the height of the double decker bus roof.
But all problems are now solved.   The HD3QBEM and I will try out the new buses soon - but we will not be riding upstairs;-)


  1. Oh dear.....if its not one thing, it's another....

  2. Is the new bus a double decker? We have lots of them over here and on the continent I've seen double decker trains too.

  3. What wonderful buses! I still love riding on the top deck on the few occasions I get one (our usual route only uses single deckers). The best spot is right above the driver's seat!
    I presume these are unusual in your area?
    When I was at Middle School we had them for the school bus and the trick was to open the top windows and trap tree branches in them so when the bus pulled off again, half the tree would come with it. We had some very naughty children on our bus!

  4. With the cost of all those modifications, you'd think it would be cheaper to buy more of the original style buses?