Sunday, 12 June 2016

Where did last week go?

Although it was a very short working week for me time seemed to fly by.  The HD3QBEM wasn't well all week which only added to the stress but thankfully she is OK again now.
I did do my knitting and have now finished the second sleeve of the green cardigan.   Only the back and collar left now but I need some stitching so the knitting is put away for the moment.
The first half of the florentine stitch bag is now done and I am very pleased with it.  This is a shot of the right hand side.  Thank you to all who suggested the colourways for the top and bottom.   It certainly looks more "one piece" that my colour choices:-)
Next Saturday is Embroiderers Guild so I made a start on another Christmas Ornament to take and stitch there.   However I will be devoting stitching time this week to further work on my green hardanger runner.  Too many WIPs make me stressed.


  1. Your florentine work looks great Margaret, I love the colour flow.

  2. The florentine bag looks gorgeous, the colours do go so well together.
    Nice start on the ornie too.

  3. Love the color choices on the florentine bag. Very pretty.

  4. The colours in the Florentine bag project are lovely.