Saturday, 2 July 2016

Happy Feet

Today the HD3QBEM and I went on the double decker bus into the city.   She sat in the arcade and watched the world go by,  while I went to the store and made my feet happy with these.
And then we bought a new sweater for the HD3QBEM, had a look through the knitting shop and caught a bus home.   I think this might have been the first time ever that we have visited a yarn store and not purchased :-)
Dan the weatherman is my new best friend.   He has been enemy number one all week as we have had torrential rain (heaviest on record for Auckland) but redeemed himself today with golden weather.  If he can continue the miracle tomorrow we shall go for a visit to Wild and Woolly Yarns in Devonport and perhaps indulge in a hot chocolate too.


  1. Those slippers look delightfully toasty! Did you knit those fun socks?

  2. Your slippers look so comfortable and cosy. The sheepskin looks for soft.