Tuesday, 5 July 2016

I am drained of energy...

My new position at the office is going well but as with anything new,  it is a challenge.  Consequently I am tired!   But with this new role comes a truly 8 hour day so I expect to see that "bonus time" reflected in a greater output of knitting, stitching and sewing as I get home at least an hour earlier.
However tiredness won out tonight and there are no photos of my "produce" to show yet.
I did however take a photo of Cricket at Church.   Cricket is a Golden Labrador who each Sunday Cricket deposits his mistress into a seat two in front of us and then proceeds to make himself comfortable underneath.   A family of small boys generally come along to say hello, at which he will open one eye, blink and pretend to go back to sleep.   "Good Doggy", says little Jacob and all is well. While I don't want to ever have a Guide Dog,  I would love a companion like Cricket.

And on a final note,  my battle with my new Android phone has been won.   I just could not make my forefinger fingerprint scan work to unlock the phone.   So I deleted that fingerprint registration and entered in my middle finger and we have lift off!   100% success each and every time.  I feel so good at having won that battle and am now available 24/7 (or at least when I have my phone with me) for my new boss.


  1. Congrats on defeating your Android phone! Love Cricket....and look forward to all your new stitching products.

  2. Glad you're going to have more time each day Margaret, that's a big bonus.
    Cricket looks so relaxed.

  3. More time for projects? Sounds fantastic! Am sure you'll settle in to the new routine(s) quickly.

  4. Glad to read that your new position is going well.

  5. I admire enormously Guide Dogs! Cricket must be an example!