Thursday, 14 July 2016


Congratulations to self.  The green cardigan is finished and fits perfectly. A lousy photo but I need a record. The HD3QBEM laughed at all the buttons but I like them and that's what matters.   Besides which there is no gaping!
And some Connected Wrapped Bars have been added to the Hardanger Angels Wing Tip.
Not bad when I am oh so very tired.   But no work tomorrow = a day to myself with a To Do List as long as ever.   First up though is the Embroiderers' Conference Exhibition.   The weatherman promises showers so I hope he is wrong as I predict a long walk from car park to venue.


  1. The buttons on the cardigan look lovely, it's a great colour for you too.
    Your hardanger is so beautiful and so neat too.

  2. Your new sweater is lovely! And I think that all the little no-gapping-assured buttons are a great idea.

    Looks like a lot of progress on the Hardanger ... though really have no idea since I never got very far with my try at it.

    Enjoy the exhibition!

  3. You will shine in your new cardigan at the exhibition. I love the many buttons!