Thursday, 21 July 2016

A White Night - with a splash of colour

Tonight I have been stitching white buttonhole stitch around the edge of the angel.   Perhaps not the most inspiring, it is nonetheless very satisfying.  
Another evening and I should be all the way round and can then begin the floral part.   I laid a piece of dark cloth under the lacework wing to make it clearer -  the fabric is still pristine white.   I wash my hands frequently while stitching this
I have pulled the floss for the flowers and think they should look really good.   My idea is to have a deep wine velvet underskirt- but no firm decisions have been made yet.   The HD3QBEM says that bottle green velvet would look good too.   She is of course correct ;-)
Tomorrow I will draw a name from the comments left for the giveaway so do leave a comment here if you wish to enter.   There will be a cake of Whittakers Black Doris Plum and Roasted Almonds chocolate included  - if that is an added inducement.


  1. I am enjoying seeing your progress on this.

  2. Maybe you should make two angels, one with each colour?
    Those colours look so pretty, they are the same ones used in my Noel banner which I should finish one day!

  3. As always, your hardanger is beautiful!

  4. Only just come across your lovely blog! I am a fan of Hardanger too, and I like to experiment with using colours as well as traditional white.