Wednesday, 20 July 2016

And Spring is here....well maybe

Today I dressed in several layers of merino wool, long trousers, hand knitted wool socks, knee high boots and sat at my desk with a wool rug over my knees and a hot water bottle on top of that.   Yes, it was cold!  
This is the sky as I walked into the office at 7:15
And this is at the top of my steps when I walked home at 4:45 tonight
And Spring is here....?   I don't really think so, not yet anyway.
And for that reason I continue knitting this pair of pretty pink woolly socks.
I rather like the stripey pattern that is pre-dyed into the Opal yarn.  The heel is turned and I am racing along toward the toe now.   Just as well, I'm itching to get back to my hardanger :-)


  1. This is a lovely pre-dyed wool. I'm sure your socks will be cosy and warm, when finished.

  2. You are a speedy knitter Margaret! Stay warm!