Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A break from knitting

The knitting on the green cardigan is finished and the garment is all pinned ready to be sewn up.   That job will be left for tomorrow night.
I need a break!   So it is back to my beloved hardanger and tonight I finished drawing the threads for one wing tip for the small angel.  
The lacy pattern is to be connected wrapped bars which is not my favourite filling but will look great when done.   White on white is hard on the eyesight:-(
With my new job I finish at "normal" time and get home earlier so have an extra hour or so to myself which is very welcome.   Several chores around the house are getting attention.   I made some Ginger Crunch Slice as Brother-In-Law is coming for dinner tomorrow night  (menu to be oven baked fish and chips with healthy vegetables).   Little Sister is coming on Saturday for lunch and then the afternoon (menu yet to be decided).
I have Friday off work to go to the Embroiderers' Exhibition and am counting down the hours.   What fun to see the work of so many other like-minded people.   I feel sure that photographs won't be allowed  but I will certainly be taking my camera with me just in case.


  1. Sounds like you're beginning to feel settled into new job and enjoying the extra time it allows you - that's great!

    I'm amazed at how fast you've knit this sweater! Never was able to do much with knitting but imagine yours goes as smoothly as when I crochet...

    Looking forward to seeing pictures from the exhibition. How exciting!

  2. Nice work on the angel and how lovely to have the extra time in the evening too.

  3. I always love seeing your hardanger work. What count linen do you typically use?