Friday, 29 July 2016

Look at this.
I think this is probably a competition from 3M for the most ingenious use of Post It Notes - they have been known to run such things before.   The local office of the Ministry of Education decorated their window in the latest craze and I stopped to take photo on my way home tonight.
I have been knitting on sock number two and should hopefully finish it tonight, all the while dreaming of another stitching project.   To my immense satisfaction they are proving to be identical twins which was exactly what I wanted.
Stitching is finished and the hardanger angel needs construction.   I plan to get the fabric for the skirt this weekend.   Photos will follow.  The holes are for the neck and the ties around the waist although they do look like planned mistakes at this point :-)


  1. The socks and the angel look perfect!

  2. Your socks look lovely. I'm looking forward to the construction of your hardanger angel to see what it finally looks like.

  3. The post-it notes are fun. Have you seen the clip on YouTube where they cover an entire room in them?
    Great work on your hardanger angel too, can't wait to see how she finishes up.

  4. Sock the second is zooming right along and looks just as pretty and snuggly as sock the first.

    Angel stitching is lovely - looking forward to seeing her all put together.