Friday, 15 July 2016

Good value

Value for money!
One of these was the entry fee into the Merchants Mall and Exhibition.   I arrived early, too early really as the Guild displays had not all been set up.   However the lack of crowds meant I could look at everything and trawl the various goods on display.   It was great!
First up the Guild displays.  
The Auckland Guild, of which I am a member, had this display.
Do you remember me stitching a triangle of fabric with just three colours?   All the triangles were collated into this display.   And do you know -  I couldn't remember which one I had stitched.   How bad is that?   But there it is - top left.  I looked it up when I got home.
The Horowhenua Guild from much further down the North Island had an intriguing display.  
Based on a photograph taken by a member, the various contributors had stitched A4 sized portions which were then reconfigured to a stitched copy of the photo.  
Truly amazing as even the joins appeared to be the result of collaboration and matched up surprisingly well.  Isn't it beautiful?
Next, I went upstairs to the Exhibition where there were no photographs allowed.   Ranging from out and out creative through to extremely traditional there was certainly something to please everyone.   I wish I could have taken photos to show but instead I bought a memento which does contain photos of some of the pieces.   I will shortly be having a giveaway so watch this space.
Coming back down to the Ground Floor, here is a sneak peek at the merchants mall.
I enjoyed browsing at the beautiful wares on display.
Beads, threads, felt, silks, fabrics.   You name it, there it was for sale.   Most people had come with large bags which they obviously intended to fill!
This stall was beautifully decorated with very traditional wares.   I was super tempted but didn't succumb here.   The owner of Heirlooms loves Olde Worlde and she was wearing a long Victorian style dress.  Her assistant was her husband and that is he on the right, in the top hat.
Further around was a wood turner who had the most fascinating needlework tools.   My father used to do wood turning and I was instantly transported back to his workshop and the smell of the wood shavings.   My maternal grandfather had been in the sawmilling industry, going into the native forests to assess trees for logging.   So it was quite a nostalgic journey looking through all the wares on display.   I did succumb to temptation here and purchased this.
What is it, do you ask?
Well if I take off the ends - voila!   A Quik-Unpick and a stiletto.   Isn't that convenient?  Chrome fixings and a Totara body.   A new tool for my sewing box.
Then I bought fudge to bring home for the HD3QBEM and so ended a very happy outing.


  1. That garden stitchery is amazing, I just clicked on it and it came out really big, what a gorgeous piece of work. The contributors will be fighting over who has it on display, unless they keep it at their Guild venue.

  2. What a wonderful exhibition. I love the garden quilt and agree with Sandra, there will be a bidding war over that one!
    Glad you remembered to bring Mum something home too.

  3. What a wonderful day, Margaret, loved the two pictures you could show us. Thought you were very restrained in your purchasing!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your visit to the Conference venue,miss being there so really enjoyed your photos

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely day. The flower piece is stunning and your seam ripper/stiletto is beautiful. Crafted wood tools are such a delight!

  6. What a great event! Thanks for sharing the photos with those of us who couldn't go.

  7. Just found out the Horowhenua guild display won the best display