Friday, 22 July 2016

And the winner is...

Tonight was the official draw for a lucky winner.   Can you hear the drum roll?   Thank you to all those who left comments and helpful suggestions for my trip.   With the willing cooperation of the HD3QBEM the winning name has been drawn.
Grace  if you can email me with your postal address I will mail off your copy of the ANZEG Diary.   There's a block of NZ specialty chocolate to include and.....a few other surprises.
I have been working on the front skirt of the hardanger angel tonight.   Densely stitched areas like this are not a favourite but I admit the overall effect is rather good.   What I thought was a bunch of roses is more like a ribbon tying green leaves but I'm not finished yet.  And I still think red velvet for the underskirt!


  1. Congratulations to Grace. Love the colours on the Angel.

  2. Well done to Grace, your winner.
    Your hardanger is beautiful, something I have never tried. We are having the most amazing weather at the moment, very high temps during the day and humid nights, but I am not complaining. Rain will come soon enough! Hope your daffodils flower for you.

  3. Congrats to Grace! You will love the calendar!

    Margaret, your angel is beautiful!