Sunday, 17 July 2016

A little giveaway

At the 2016 Embroiderers' Conference on Friday I purchased this small diary which contains photos of some of the amazing work on display in the Exhibition.   The theme was Celebrating Colour and each exhibit certainly did that.   From Wing Chairs in colourful needlepoint to Colourful Crazy Quilting, from necklaces to bags, from framed pictures to 3D objet d'art, you name it there was the whole spectrum.  Indeed one piece was the word Spectrum stitched faultlessly in every colour of the spectrum.

Photographs were not allowed so I won't show a photo of each page of the diary but the 'head' you can see on the cover was AMAZING.   Each of the floral (and animal) decorations was stitched in exquisite Elizabethan Embroidery on a black fabric which looked to be a knit and was stretched flawlessly over a mannequin head.   Where do people get their imaginative ideas?
I went to the Exhibition on my own and didn't quite get my timing right so there were few people to talk to.   This dimmed my pleasure of the experience a little and got me to thinking about how much added pleasure there is in sharing experiences with a companion.   I am planning a retirement trip to UK and will be travelling alone for around 6-8 weeks.   So I have a question -  do you have any helpful suggestions for extracting maximum pleasure out of experiences and adventures when one is alone.   Please leave any comments/answers to the question on this post and on 22 July I will have the HD3QBEM draw one name.  That person will receive a copy of this diary (and a surprise) and will be able to enjoy photos of 13 of the wonderful embroideries.


  1. When you come to the UK, as well as recording places with your camera, maybe you should also write a diary of what you have done and seen each day. Also talk to people at the places you visit as they may know things about what you are seeing that the guidebooks don't tell you. And finally, just enjoy the moment and savour each day, it will pass so quickly.

  2. Hi Margaret, I travel alone most of the time and have made the experience that because of not being with a travel companion, I do engage with other people are lot more. I chat with locals, ask staff at hotels and restaurants for recommendations and talk to fellow travelers on planes or at tourist destinations. I have received so many unexpected suggestions that way. I'm moving to the UK in 2 weeks from the US and will keep watching your travel plans, to get new ideas on where to travel, we could even meet if that is something you would consider. Love your blog and read every post!

  3. I travel a lot on my own, though usually meeting up with people during the trips. Keeping a record of places visited, written and photographic is a good idea - I also buy postcards of places, museums etc. Have a plan,( but don't necessarily stick to it if other opportunities arise, make sure that accommodation is booked (use as you can usually cancel a booking with 24 hours notice if you change your plans). Get a UK Sim card for your cell phone - or a data sim for an iPad.
    I am in the UK (Oxfordshire) and am also very happy to meet you during your trip.

  4. The cover photo of the diary is awesome! You are right, some people have so much imagination.
    I like to travel alone, I don't like feeling responsible for someone else's enjoyment! My tip would be to have an "imaginary friend", ie your blog! At each place you visit, think "what would my followers want to know about this place?"

  5. I was wondering if during your time away you booked a bus tour, that way you could enjoy the sights and maybe make a new friend or two. My friend did this and said she was glad she did. Not all her trip was like that as she enjoyed some time on her own. :)