Tuesday, 30 August 2016

An addition to the finishing basket

Mary Beale's Christmas Wreath is finished.   Well, more accurately, the stitching is finished but the object is as yet unfinished.  Here 'tis.   At the top, what I take to be an angel in the clouds and at the bottom a lion and a lamb on a hillock.
I took Samplers and Santas as my example (see here) and inserted the words 'peace' and 'unity' in the two bottom segments.   Since this is intended as a gift I did not think the recipient would appreciate 'Margaret her work' on the bottom of their Christmas Ornament ;-)
And so the pile in the basket grows and will eventually become from top to bottom -  an angel, a wreath and a florentine tote bag.  This basket kindly allows me new starts.   One in here is carefully ticked off the To-Do list and a new project is chosen.  Ah, the bliss.
I currently have only the hardanger runner in progress and have just started a small hardanger needlebook.  Stitching has been interrupted by sewing, with only the hem left to do on the navy jacket.   Our temperatures are rising slowly, so the navy jacket will probably go unworn until next Autumn.  Pat on the back to self for being so well organised;-)


  1. Beautiful Christmas Wreath finish! Can't wait to see your hardanger projects!

  2. The wreath looks beautiful! Love the color of the fabric you used (or at least the way it looks on my monitor...).

    Your finishing basket looks far more attractive than my pile-in-a-big-ziploc.

  3. The barrgello looks gorgeous! I am amazed by how you can finish all that you start. Maybe I should take lessons!

  4. You ARE orangised, we have all seen your desk drawer at work, and your Finished Basket, now beginning to brim over.

  5. The wreath is a lovely finish. I look forward to seeing the hardanger needlebook.

  6. That is a beautiful wreath. Thanks for posting the link so I don't have to ask what goes in the centre!