Tuesday, 9 August 2016

And the Trip Book is finished

A lot of thinking, some self control and determination and the Trip Book is complete.   I am happy with it too - which is a plus!
Since I expect my trip to be around six weeks I made forty pages.  One a day n'est-ce pas?
I left enough "space" so that my intentions to stick in small souvenir pieces such as tickets, photos, stamps etc will not spoil the width of the spine.
I made the pages paper so that I can write on them with pen, coloured pencils or marker pens.
I padded the inside front and back so that I can poke in pins if necessary.

And I put Scotland on the top, in deference to my maternal ancestry.  

Next on my 'trip-preparation-list' is the planning and sewing of a capsule wardrobe and some detailed research of the itinerary.   So far I have decided a colour scheme (navy/white) and an entry port (Manchester) but there are a few more necessary details before this plan could be considered complete :-)

Now I am off to dream some more and hem up half of my hardanger table runner.   My hot water bottle is in my bed and soon I shall be too.


  1. I love the cover of your travel book. I'm sure it will hold many happy memories for you when it is full of your notes and souvenirs.

  2. What a beautiful travel book. I am sure it will be full of memories after your trip.
    Layers and a waterproof coat are essentials!

  3. Your travel book is exquisite and a
    splendid idea for memory-keeping...

  4. Your travel book cover is fantastic.

  5. Congratulations on the wonderful finish, Margaret. It is just lovely.

  6. What a wonderful book! I think there are three parts to a trip -- planning, the trip itself, and the scrapbook afterward that can be looked at and the trip relived.

  7. Pamela said it all. And you have the perfect book to record your daily travel adventures.

  8. What a special book to make Margaret, very clever. It's both practical and good to look at. I'm sure it will give you so much pleasure to use when you are here in the UK. I'm sure it brings your trip ever closer.

  9. The travel book will definitely become a family heirloom or will end up in a history museum.
    I would love to hear more about your travel plans. Will you be traveling with a friend,
    with a group, etc.? Where all are you going?
    I'm sure you have some needlework shops already lined up to visit!

  10. Can't wait to see the memories you store in this book! I hope you'll blog the trip. :)