Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A little bit of progress

In the winter I wear black with accents of grey.  In the summer I wear blue (mainly navy and cobalt blue) with accents of black or white.   Can you tell that I don't have much of a relationship with colour?   Hence I have come to an almost complete halt on the Florentine Pocket.   What colour to do next?
Well when in doubt stitch the black/grey (until the floss runs out) and then repeat one of the other colours!    So here we are.
However, the HD3QBEM is much more adventurous and ever so much more frugal.   All the odd ends of balls of yarn get put away and she mulls over what she can use them for.   Somewhere on the vast space of the internet her loving daughter found a "random sweater", so with some encouragement off she sailed.   Last year she knitted two randoms which sold rapidly at the Hospice shop. This is the first of this year's -  a V neck sweater to fit a 2 year old size - the back thereof.
  I volunteered to sew in all the ends which was generous of me considering the bright idea had been mine.   But what a lot of ends there were!   And there is still the front to go after which I will knit the neck band and arm hole bands.   Certain aspects of knitting are too much for the HD3QBEM nowadays so often the finishing falls to me.
And now I am off to do some hardanger.   All the florentine stitching on canvas has hurt my thumb so I'm having a rest from that for a couple of days.


  1. Your relationship with colour is akin to mine Margaret. I love that the random coloured sweaters were good sellers, your mum is amazing.

  2. Lighter shades of blue? Darker shades of purple? Something orangey? Ugh - this is why I buy charts - I can change a color or two but not pick them out!

  3. The florentine is looking good. If you have enough thread I'd stick with those five combinations.

  4. Love what you and your mum have created....sorry your thumb is sore....

  5. put your colour choices on pieces of paper and draw one out of the jar that is the next colour. number your spaces and have another jar with numbers to give you the space to start in. hope this helps.