Friday, 5 August 2016

First freesias

The first freesias have bloomed and are a beautiful scarlet.
Together with even more daffodils they are in a vase to remind me that Spring will come.   We currently have a polar blast coming up the country, dropping all its snow in the South and bringing only icy winds and low temperatures for us in the North.
The small stitched piece is the finally-completed piece from the class I went to in March.   The designer is strong on copyright, and I have already had a sharp reminder once,  so no close up shots I'm sorry.   This has been on my list for some time and I am pleased to have completed it but it will probably never be repeated.  
My trip book has its spine sewn in and tomorrow the back boards will be glued in place.  Then it is just the individual pages to sew in -  may be another week and it will be done.
But tomorrow I am going to sew.   A navy jacket with a lining in almost-William-Morris fabric.  I have the pieces cut and the lining pieces pinned so it will be a quick job indoors tomorrow when it will be far too cold to venture out.


  1. I love the perfume of freesias. I hope you get as much stitching as you hope on your jacket tomorrow.

  2. Lovely freesias. I don't think anyone could copy anything from that photo so you're safe there!

  3. Your daffodil and freesia bouquet is so pretty! The little round (um, tubular?) case looks as if it's similar to two designed by Merry Cox (one was in the chart titled Heirloom Sewing Case I, along with other smalls). Who designed yours?

    Enjoy your sewing machine time!

    1. Deb, the designer of this one is Alison Snepp from Australia.

  4. Congratulations on finishing your Hussif, from what I can see of it you made a great job. Spring must be just around the corner and that is always welcome.

  5. Well done on finishing the Hussif. I've done that class too (a couple of years ago), I thoroughly enjoyed the stitching and finished that quickly, the construction on the other hand is still to be done.... I wish I had your discipline - like many stitchers I know I tend to chase the next shiny thing without necessarily finishing everything that came before.