Sunday, 28 August 2016

A good day

Today the HD3QBEM and I went for a drive out to the extreme west of the city.   The organisation I work for is to get a new office and I took her out to see it.
This is the new office!   Plans are almost signed off and eventually construction will begin and will be finished in about two and a half years.   I may get to see this before I retire;-)
On the way back I stopped at Spotlight (like Joann's in the USA) for one DMC floss.   And....
In addition to the floss I spent some of my gift card on two pieces of material for summer clothes.
On the left a rayon jersey knit for a wrap dress and on the right a piece for a T shirt.
Now I just need to find the store that sells time to make them!
And finally some pretty blossom to convince me that Spring is here.


  1. It's a small office but they seem to have a nice view!
    I like the dress fabric on the left.

  2. I love your jersey fabric - it will make a great dress.
    The blossom is very pretty.

  3. Like you, the company I work for is planning a move within the next two years--a fifteen minute drive from my house. I may or may not be retired then

  4. Looks like a nice location for your new office. It's hard to go to into a craft store and come out only with what you went in for. Your fabrics are pretty.