Thursday, 18 August 2016

Progress report

After a busy and long day at work it has been relaxing to stitch mindlessly on this colourful piece.
The end is in sight and I am now wondering how I will construct the bag I want to make.   A tote bag with a colourful outside pocket on each side, using up some heavy black woollen fabric left over from my winter skirt.  Stash contains some buckram stiffening too and the necessary cotton for the lining.  Over the weekend I will study my existing but precariously worn out tote and make some notes on the construction, although there will not be time to sew.

I have other commitments this weekend! It is the Embroiderers' Guild monthly meeting; I have promised Little Sister to Skype her so that the HD3QBEM can share in the antics of Great-granddaughter; the Vintage textile fair is on at the nearby racecourse and I intend to visit, and then I need to fit in the usual chores and a visit to the Library.  

I need to note that my new position at work is immensely satisfying and interesting.   Now the days are getting longer I arrive home in bright day light (even though I leave before the sun is up) which means I have time for some outdoor activity and a longer evening to enjoy both the company of the HD3QBEM and my stitching.


  1. Your florentine stitching is colourful. I look forward to seeing the completed tote bag. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. The bag is coming along nicely and the colours look well balanced.

  3. Life sounds good Margaret, I'm so happy that you are enjoying your new post.

  4. The florentine is looking great.
    Glad the new position is working out well too.