Sunday, 21 August 2016

Spring is in the air

Today was glorious and golden all day thus difficult to believe the weather forecast for rain tomorrow.
However, just in case I picked another bunch of freesias to keep the HD3QBEM happy while I go to work.  Aren't they beautiful?   Can you smell them?

This afternoon I went browsing at the Vintage Textile Fair.   How come textiles from my childhood are vintage?   I'm not that old!!
There were acres of vintage sewing patterns (not tempting),several tables with fabrics (tempting but resisted), a stall of hats (I tried on one or two), lovely linens (imagine the laundry), clothes from several decades (including some in that dreadful crimplene fabric - remember that?) and furs!  One beautiful rich brown fox fur shoulder stole.   I could see that attached to the hood of a thick woollen winter jacket.  I checked the length, the look and the price.   But good sense prevailed.   Can you imagine the cold frowns and dark looks from the animal protectionist lobby?   I would be too afraid to venture out:-(


  1. If you're getting spring, fall should be headed my way shortly, but current heat and humidity say mid summer. :(

    Your freesias are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful freesias, such strong colours. Yes I remember crimplene!

  3. The freesias are beautiful.
    When we were very young my Mum took us to Harrods in London and showed us the fur department (they still had one back in the 1970s). My sister and I were disgusted by the idea!
    Now I can appreciate the softness and the warmth but there is no way of telling whether an animal was farmed or wild so I wouldn't wear it either.

  4. You had great restraint and buyers resistance. Vintage, I'm not that old either