Thursday, 4 August 2016

My battery is running down

It is official.   My battery is running down and will need replacing within two years!   This morning I had a pacemaker check at the hospital and received the glad tidings explanation.  This is Good News as the replacement will be implanted and checked as working properly well before I depart for my retirement trip.   Excellent.

And as I had taken a day off work I made the most of the rest of the day.
A visit to the Fabric Warehouse to buy a length of cotton for a summer dress.(I don't know why the photo is showing a black shadow -  it is plain cobalt blue and white)
Then a well planned trip to cross off the usual Saturday chores.  (I plan on spending Saturday sewing up the jacket I cut out some weeks ago).   I also called at the Curtain Warehouse and bought some red velvet for the underskirt of the Hardanger Angel.
After lunch I met a friend for a birthday cake - only a day late -  and a natter.   The Foundation on George is a cafe in the old building which used to house the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind.  I had a delicious passionfruit cake, while Kathy settled on a Lemon Curd and Poppy Seed muffin.   We tried each others and both of us thought the other's was the better choice ;-)
This evening I have been constructing the small cylindrical hussif from the class I went to in March. Hopefully tomorrow evening will see that finished and then I can get back to the Florentine Stitch pocket and try out the suggestions for randomising my colour choices.   Thank you to all who left comments.
It does feel good to be at the construction stage actually constructing these pieces that have been sitting in the basket.   I have promised myself that when the hussif, the angel and the trip book are finished completely I can start a new project.  How's that for an incentive?   All I need is a few more days off work :-)
And now I am off to bed with a hot water bottle.   There have been blizzards down south and we are getting the icy winds up here.


  1. Good news that you'll be getting your battery replaced!
    Also that a decision has been made for a skirt colour for the angel.
    Watch out for the snow, you don't want to get snowed in so you can't go to work!

  2. Glad you'll be sorted before your trip Margaret. I love your choice of fabric, lovely shade of blue.