Friday, 26 August 2016

Surprise ^-^

Today's mail brought a big (well small in size but big in impact) surprise envelope.   At lunchtime when I phoned the HD3QBEM she told me there was an envelope from Japan with a sticker on it.
When I got home I found that the sticker was a sender's address label in Japanese; even fully sighted the HD3QBEM couldn't read that !!
Inside was this ....
And a note from my friend telling me that she had found this letter writing notepaper which was "exactly right for Ma-" as she affectionately calls me.   Top marks and a gold star to Sawada san.
Can you see clearly in this shot why she thought so?  
It was around 36 years ago we first met and Sawada san was a university student then. Since then our paths have diverged but her occasional surprise packages warm my heart.   Thank you very much Sawada san ^-^


  1. How wonderful! And what a thoughtful friend.

  2. How delicate and lovely!
    Paula Lima

  3. How lovely, cross stitched themed notepaper! How thoughtful of your friend.